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Another Brother

This film tells the story of my dear friend Clarence Fitch, a Vietnam veteran who struggled to overcome the ravages of war and stand up for peace.

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".... compelling, must see documentary of the Vietnam War period, Black life, and a social commentary that depicts the richness of a hero who never stopped fighting for his country community and people."

Job MasharikiBlack Veterans for Social Justice

Excellent Documentary! Engrossing and intelligent look at the life of one man during war and peace.

The Star Ledger

Excellent . . . an engrossing and intelligent documentary . . . Gold manages to capture the man's many facets without oversimplifying any of them.

Matt Zoller SeitzThe Star-Ledger

I salute those who made ANOTHER BROTHER. It's an important documentary about a difficult time in our nation's history and should be seen by the widest possible audience.

Gil NobelLike It Is, ABC-NY

Inspiring documentary which recounts the tale of a Black Vietnam War vet who returned home to Jersey City and somehow managed, even though he was battling heroin addiction and AIDS, to become and anti war activist, high-school mentor and community leader — a Real American hero.

Time Out New York

What makes ANOTHER BROTHER so powerful is its sharp personal focus and unaffected simplicity.

John KochThe Boston Globe

An invaluable classroom tool for educators to explore the devastating impact of war through the story of one veteran. Crossing several disciplines, it engages, informs and gives students and educators a drive to take action.

Matt MyerNYC Alternative HS, Adult and Continuing Ed Schools and Programs


ANOTHER BROTHER tells the story of my dear friend Clarence Fitch, a Vietnam veteran who struggled to overcome the ravages of war and stand up for peace.Clarence was a black veteran of the Vietnam War who endured – racism, poverty, substance abuse, and HIV/AIDS. It wasn’t until after Clarence’s death that I first thought about making a documentary about his life. It actually started with my own teenage daughters wanting to understand who Clarence really was. They led me on this journey.

What I learned in the telling of this story was of Clarence’s amazing ability to transform his personal experiences into a rewarding life of political organizing and activism. ANOTHER BROTHER was five years in the making. I built the documentary around video footage and still photography from the organization Vietnam Veterans Against the War, as well as other organizations. Much of the soundtrack consists of Clarence’s own voice from an audio interview conducted by a fellow Vietnam veteran, William Short. Clarence’s wife, mother, sister, daughter and best friend shared stories, most I had never heard, of Clarence’s life’s journey. It’s through their telling of Clarence’s complex and at times contradictory life, that ANOTHER BROTHER was able to tell this important story of a complicated man who matured into a renowned community organizer.

  • Distributor: Third World Newsreel
  • Year: 1998
  • Country and Language: US – English
  • Color: In color


  • Director and Producer: Tami Gold
  • Associate Producer: Caryn Rogoff and Elena Schwolsky
  • Researchers: Caryn Rogoff and Tal McThenia
  • Editors: Beverly Peterson, Kelly Anderson and Gisela Rosario
  • Original Score: Don Dinicola
  • Additional Vocals: Toshi Reagon


  • National PBS Broadcast
  • Museum of Modern Art
  • Newark Museum
  • CINE Golden Eagle Award
  • Chicago International Film Festival – Gold Hugo
  • The New York Festivals International Film Festival – World Gold Medal
  • Prized Pieces International Film Competition Community Choice, 1st Place Winner for Public Affairs Documentary
  • Urban World Film Festival
  • The Denver International Film Festival
  • The Vermont International Film Festival
  • The Athens International Film and Video Festival
  • Columbus International Film Festival – Honorable Mention
  • Another Brother on Rikers Island Program


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Study/Discussion Guide

Study/Discussion Guide

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A Matter of Conscience: GI Resistance During the Vietnam War is a book which contains 27 interviews collected from 1987 to 1992 with accompanying black and white photographs of Vietnam veterans.

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