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In the Midst of Change (Michele Kammerer)

This episode of In The Life features a segment starting at 11:48 about transgendered fire chief Michele Kammerer, produced by Tami Gold and Kelly Anderson.

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The episode opens with a segment about artists and censorship, with Samantha Gellar, Holly Hughes and Kate Clinton. The Out Artists Speak Out segment features Scott Heim, Marc Wolf and Susan Morabito. The next segment is about transgendered fire chief Michele Kammerer. Marijuana advocate Dennis Peron then talks about California Proposition 215. The next segment includes footage from International Friendship Weekend, the LLEGO Convention, and the Empire State Pride Agenda dinner, followed by a segment with pastors Jimmy Creech and Cecil Williams. Dan Savage discusses gay parenting in this episode, and activist and publisher Sheila Reid is also profiled. Aiden Gillen provides this episode’s celebrity ID.


  • Segment Producers: Tami Gold & Kelly Anderson
  • Host: Katherine Linton.
  • Featured guests: Samantha Gellar, Holly Hughes, Kate Clinton, Scott Heim, Marc Wolf, Susan Morabito, Michele Kammerer, Dennis Peron, Reverend Jimmy Creech, Reverend Cecil Williams, Dan Savage, Sheila Reid, Aiden Gillen.