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Wresting with Zionism

Here is the first segment of Wrestling With Zionism – a collection of stories from people from range of backgrounds who share their evolving relationships to Zionism.

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Conversations about Israel/Palestine are often charged and challenging. Many families and friends avoid the subject to keep the peace and worry that even a slight criticism of Israel can result in being labeled anti-Semitic. Wrestling With Zionism is the first in a series of interviews where people discuss this subject with the aim to build relationships and understanding through dialogue.

  • Year: 2017
  • Country and Language: US – English
  • Length: 7 mins
  • Color: In color


  • Directors and Producers: Tami Gold and Tammy Kremer
  • Camera: Tami Gold
  • Editor: Tammy Kremer
  • On-Line Editor: Nick Vega